Remote participation (now closed)

The workshop talks and discussions will be recorded and live streamed, so people can still follow if they can't make it physically. There are several options to follow remotely.

Conference call for active participation

A Jitsi Meet conference call including the room's live stream will open once the workshop starts. Participants to this call can ask questions during Q&A sessions, so choose this option if you wish to participate actively.

To participate in this call, please write to with the subject line ELDM2020 Remote no later than 17th February 2020. We will send you a link a few hours before the workshop starts.

Live stream

The conference call itself will be streamed on the home page using Youtube Live, so more casual viewers can follow both the workshop and the active remote participants.

Some talks are under embargo pending publication and will only be available on the conference call. The public stream will be paused during those talks, and the Programme marks them with a .

Toots and Tweets

Use the #eldm2020 hashtag on Mastodon and Twitter! If energy allows, we may also forward written questions there to the Q&A sessions.