Invited speakers

Elena Clare Cuffari
Worcester State University
Drawing on a range of disciplines and disciplinary crossings, but especially working in the enactive approach to mind and language, Dr. Elena Clare Cuffari investigates the constitutive roles that our bodies and interactions play in meaning creation and meaning experience. She is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Department Chair of Philosophy at Worcester State University.
Mark Dingemanse
Radboud University
Mark Dingemanse studies language as shaped by and for socia interaction. He is interested in how language enables us to express ourselves and to act as one with others.
Omar Rizwan
Omar Rizwan is interested in 'systems' and interfaces. He currently works as a researcher at Dynamicland, a research lab founded by Bret Victor, building a different kind of computer system. He lives and works in Oakland, California.
Jelle van Dijk
University of Twente
Jelle van Dijk is a design-researcher, teacher, writer, speaker and he draws comics. In his research he investigates the embodiment of human being in relation to the design of interactive technology. His current work centers on participatory design for and with people on the autistic spectrum.


Playlists with all the currently available recordings are on: PeerTube, YouTube.

8.309Coffee and breakfast snacks available
9.1010Jelle van Dijk, Designing for a Diversity in Sensemaking
1010.30Bruno Galantucci, The (un)faithfulness of human informational exchanges
10.5011.20Audrey Mazur-Palandre, Jean-Marc Colletta & Kristine Lund, “Here we go, I’m going to explain how we play” Multimodal, procedural explanation from a developmental perspective
11.2011.50Vincenzo Raimondi & Charles Lenay, Haptic languaging: turn-taking and meta-coordination
11.5012.40Omar Rizwan, Humane computing in Dynamicland
13.4014.30Elena Clare Cuffari, Language and the Future of Bodies
14.5015.20Didier Bottineau, Languaging = Mankind = Biospheric catastrophe, so what?
15.2015.50Jasper van den Herik & Erik Rietveld, Situated Normativity in Languaging
15.5016.20Chris Mitchell & Marieke de Koning, Constructing Speech, a THEMPPO Silent Text Approach
16.4017.30Mark Dingemanse, Brain-to-Brain Interfaces and the Role of Language in Distributing Agency
17.3017.40Poster set-up
17.4019Poster session with food and drinks